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Executive Assistant (Radès) à B

Profil demandé

Bachelors / Graduate Degree
At least 5 years experience
Arabic and French
English is compulsory
• Organizing and Planning
• Written and Verbal Communication Skills
• Scheduling and Logistics Management
• Sound Understanding of Travel and Transport related Facilities
• Dictation Skills
• Translation Skills
• IT / PC Skills

Missions du poste

This role is responsible for organizing and coordinating the activities of the General Manager office in order to facilitate efficient and smooth functioning on a day to day basis. This will involve providing the administrative and secretarial support required and serving as the custodian for all documentation being handled in the CM office.

Key Responsibilities :
• Organizing and scheduling meetings and appointments for the GM with staff internally as well as with external visitors in a timely and efficient manner.
• Managing incoming correspondences to the GM office by conducting basic checks on the nature of content in accordance with the Office Manual developed and prioritizing these by criticality for subsequent review and reverts.
• Taking dictations for key correspondences and drafting memos and letters for subsequent circulation with the recipients concerned.
• Developing the Weekly Appointments Chart in order to capture the GM key commitments and schedule for the coming week, and circulating this with the Staff. Updating the Weekly Meetings Chart on a daily basis in order to reflect modifications / cancellations, as needed.
• Developing the Monthly Standing Committee Meetings Chart on a monthly basis and circulating this with the staff in order to regulate the flow of the stated meetings. Updating the Monthly Standing Committee Meetings Chart on a monthly basis in order to reflect modifications / cancellations, as needed.
• Coordinating and following up on all matters of importance in the GM office, with relevant parties internally, in order to solicit the required information in a timely manner.
• Maintaining a database of all relevant stakeholders and their contact details, in order to coordinate the correspondences and appointments for the GM.
• Receiving mission invitations and soliciting the CM response for attendance. Updating the calendar and Appointment Charts accordingly, and completing travel-related documentation.
• Making arrangements for the GM travel for missions: Obtaining approval for missions being undertaken, overseeing travel bookings and hotel reservations as well as the Per Diem requirements prior to undertaking work related travel.
• Maintaining the GM Leave Plans by updating the calendar and Appointment Charts accordingly.
• Assisting the GM in settling expense claims at the conclusion of any mission. Managing all correspondences related with the mission in a timely and efficient manner.
• Managing the documentation within the GM office by maintaining an archive for critical documents, and ensuring ease of reference for subsequent use.
• Maintaining the minutes for critical meetings undertaken in the GM office as required, and making these available for future reference, as and when required.
• Providing administrative support for visits of distinguished guests and top officials by ensuring that the right stakeholders and administrators are notified in a timely manner.
• Liaising with stakeholders in the other offices in order to coordinate appointments as well as solicit information as and when required.

Key performance indicators :
• Adherence to Timelines in Preparation of Weekly Appointments Charts
• Adherence to Timelines in Preparation of Monthly Standing Committee Meetings Charts
• Turnaround Time in Processing Requests / Routine Tasks
• Quality of Service and Efficiency